Shop Fitters

Shop Fitters Scotland & UK

Complete Modern Shop Refurbishment

Do you require reputable, qualified shop fitters in the UK? If so, you've arrived at the ideal location. Low LTD: With over 30 years of experience in construction, builders assist businesses just like you in outfitting their stores and attracting clients. Whatever your demands, our committed staff will provide you with piece of mind by guiding you through every stage of the shop fitting process.


Why Did You Refit Your Shop?

Improved displays have the potential to significantly boost sales. Whatever kind of business you run, an open, more contemporary design will draw in more customers.

Changing the arrangement of your convenience store is a great way to optimise the space you have available and enhance the flow of merchandise. Why not seize the opportunity to install more security measures and make your workplace as secure as you can?

Having your shop renovated adds a great deal of value to your company and draws in new customers with its updated design and enhanced visual appeal.


Entire Service From Beginning To End

There are a lot of demands on your time when you fit up a new store. Managing several contractors, some of whom might be of questionable quality, is the last thing you want to be doing with more of your time. What you need is a full-service provider—a single business that can handle every facet of shop fitting, including plumbing, electrical, and decoration.


Services For Retail Design

At LOW LTD, we take pleasure in working together with our clients to use retail design to grow their businesses. We take great effort to adhere to our clients' ideas of autonomous branding in every new retail endeavour. We evaluate the needs, goals, and demographics of the local community in addition to the retail outlet's various aspects using our retail management strategy.


Store Counters

LOW LTD creates counters that are tailored to your company's requirements. In order to meet the various needs of our customers, we provide a large selection of colours and finishes for affordable, polished store counters, along with storage options.


Store Ceilings

To satisfy the wide range of needs of our clients, LOW LTD provides everything from suspended store ceilings to specially designed retail ceilings with an assortment of options in colours, styles, and textures.


Store Plumbing

For your store, LOW LTD provides expert retail plumbing services. We have one of the most knowledgeable and polite staffs in the area, and one of the best-stocked plumbing sections.


Shop Electrics

Our team comprises proficient electrical engineers that possess years of demonstrated proficiency in delivering effective shop electrical services and integrating the electrical specifications into the design.