Beautiful LOW Joinery Kitchens Accessible To All Budgets

A Complimentary House Survey Available

View some of our clients' incredible Kitchen makeovers and learn how they designed their ideal kitchen and find inspiration for yours!

In order to create an impeccable design, our interior designers will come to your house to get to know you and your room. In addition to evaluating the space, they will discuss your wish list with you and make recommendations for items that fit both your price range and taste.

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Design Advice

We utilise the data from your home assessment to create your layout, taking into account your lifestyle, project budget, and aesthetic preferences. The designer will then extend an invitation to our professional fitters.

We are confident that you will be eager to have your gorgeous new kitchen installed in your house as soon as possible after you have decided on your design and made your purchase. Our goal is to facilitate the installation process as much as we possibly can.

Your Set Up Service For Kitchens

Fit all units, panels, plinths, and trims; Fit all kitchen cabinets; Fit all kitchen doors and knobs; Standard dry fit; Pre-fit survey; Install laminate worktops; the washbasin and taps are disconnected. Installing appliances with no connections; sealing panels, sinks, and upstands. Cabinet lighting installed without any connections. Sign-off meeting and fitting inspection.

Areas We Cover:-

Perth and St Andrews