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Because there are many different types of land on which we place treatment plants, septic tanks, holding tanks for the recycling of surface water, and of course new drains, we have naturally become quite competent in groundworks over the course of our many years in drainage.

We have been able to grow into new sectors like resurfacing, underpinning, footings, trenches, and ditches because to this strong foundation. The issue of reinstatement arises when our drainage work is finished. We also install patios, slabs, paving, and asphalt. We are able to offer affordable estimates for all of your groundwork needs.

The Soakaway Rules have been modified. Rainwater only from gutters and garden drains may be dispersed using a Soakaway.
All sewage treatment plant and septic tank effluent needs to be "soaked away" in an appropriately constructed Drainage Field. As per Section H2 of the Building Regulations, all sewage works are now under the jurisdiction of Building Control at your Local Council, hence this drainage field and related pipework need to be approved by a Building Inspector.


What You Need To Know

• It is recommended that pipes be buried between 200 and 700 mm to allow for the aerobic interaction of the wastewater with the soil and drainage stone.
• The recommended spacing between pipes is 300 mm for clean shingle, gravel, or fractured grade 1 stone (20 – 50 mm).
• A single trench can only be 30 metres long.
• There should be a minimum of one metre of undisturbed land between each parallel drainage trench. Drainage trench widths should range from 300 to 900 mm.
• After conducting at least three percolation tests in the suggested drainage field region over the course of three consecutive days, and using the method outlined on the Percolation Test, the area of the soakaway drainage field is determined.
• It is recommended to place an inspection chamber in between the drainage field and the septic tank.

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